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Craft cocktails & Shareable plates Visit us up in the treetops at 651 Corydon avenue.

Fall Cocktails

Enjoy a wide variety of cocktails, spirits, wine and beer.
  • the young drunk unicorn 2oz / 11 vodka, st. germaine, ginger beer, lemon
  • the white cat 2oz / 11 lavender gin, bubbly, egg white, lemon, white tea honey
  • pumpkin patch 1.5oz / 9 vodka, ear grey, coconut, pumpkin, vanilla butter, fall spice
  • the garden gnome 1.5oz / 9 toaster walnut rye, mushroom chai kombucha, charred cedar bitters
  • blood moon 2oz / 11 rye, st. germain, red wine, vanilla bean, lemon, orange
  • wildflower 2oz / 12 rose cognac, bubbly, pink pepper syrup, lemon, fig preserves
  • puff the magic dragon 2oz / 10 tequila, rhubarb liquer, dragonfruit tea, lime, pink salt
  • black stockings 2oz / 12 lavender gin, montenegro, benedictine, blackberries
  • magdalena 2oz / 11 white + spiced + overproof rum, lime, mango vanilla shrub
  • the green fairy 2oz / 13 gin, creme de violette, absinthe, mint, matcha ice
  • the winnipeg cocktail 2oz / 11 crown royal northern harvest, standard lager redux, 5 cent syrup, apple butter
  • cinema 2oz / 12 buttered popcorn bourbon, cola syrup, coconut water ice, twist of lime
  • devil's cobbler 2oz / 12 toasted walnut rye, jagermeister, fig preserves, vanilla butter, lemon
  • weedwacker 2oz / 13 st. george green chile spirit, mezcal, bell pepper, tumeric, jalapeno honey
  • uuu - mami 2oz / 16 truffle japanese whiskey, sesame syrup, black garlic tincture, burnt orange
  • death for breakfast 3oz / 15 amber rum, bubbly, orange, absinthe, cheerio
  • grandma's pipe 2oz / 9 lapsang rum, vanilla bean, fall spice, hot water
  • whiskey in a teacup 2oz / 10 rye, hot earl grey, honey lemon
Spirit, wine and beer menus available in house.
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Fall Dishes

Shareable plates to accompany your drink of choice.
  • DF = Dairy Free
  • GF = Gluten Free
  • V = Vegetarian
  • VN = Vegan
  • DF/GF octopus uni bernaise, watercress, tamari braised burdock $16
  • V/GF black garlic braised mushrooms pomme purrée, whey pickled onions, herb oil $11
  • DF duck breast juniper, rhubarb, beets, savoury red river crumble $16
  • V sweet potato ravioli miso butter sauce, house ricotta, herb bread crumb $11
  • DF herring on toast romseco verde, hazelnuts, house buckwheat rye sourdough $10
  • VN/GF zucchini edamame hummus, garlic chips, pea tendrils, pickled marigolds $11
  • VN/GF cauliflower vegan cheese, kimchi $9
  • GF baby back carnitas $14 salsa verde, kewpie mayo, lime
  • V/GF socca butternut squas, caramelized yogurt, blistered carrots, dukkah $12
  • V/GF oolong meringue plum, honeycomb, goat cheese mousse $8

Bar Snacks

  • Smoked olives $4
  • Tomato Jam & Ricotta on sourdough $5
  • Iberico ham & Red eye aioli with rye cracker $5
  • Spiced nuts $4
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