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Craft cocktails & Shareable plates Visit us up in the treetops at 651 Corydon avenue.

Spring Cocktails

Enjoy a wide variety of cocktails, spirits, wine and beer.


  • bloody birdy 2oz / 10 garden herbs infused gin, tomato juice, tamari, horseradish, tabasco, house pickles, salt
  • happy radler 2oz / 11 gin, hawaiian ipa, mango, pineapple, lime, honey
  • bathtub gin 2oz / 11
  • lavender infused gin, blackberry shrub, clearly canadian soda, lime
  • cleo .25oz / 12 sancho pepper infused gin, yellow chartreuse, basil, cucumber, jalapeno, honey, lime, salt + pepper
  • blossoming negroni 3oz / 14 orange zest infused gin, pink port, montenegro, lemon


  • beach house 2.5oz / 12 white rum, aperol, dry cider, watermelon, basil, lime
  • 0 first dates 2oz / 12 amber rum, mezcal, pineapple, jalapeno, sweet baby ray's
  • toasted daiquiri 2oz / 12 coconut infused amber rum, cinnamon toast syrup, lime, charred cedar bitters
  • bitter bellini 2.5oz / 13 blend of rums, peach tea infused campari, aperol, mango, cava, vanilla, angostura bitters


  • kitchen party 3oz / 16 blanco tequila, strawberry infused campari, fernet branca, coconut shrub, cucumber
  • avant - gardener 2oz / 13 grapefruit infused mezcal, montenegro, caperitif, green pepper, tonic
  • be the cowboy 2oz / 12 reposado tequila, nonino, camomila, turmeric, ginger, orange bitters


  • freely 2oz / 12 rhubarb + tarragon infused vodka, dragonfruit tea syrup, lemon
  • angel face 2oz / 11 pea infused vodka, creme de violette, blackberry shrub, lemon, soda, cherry blossom, cucumber
  • the cake cocktail 2oz / 12 vodka, blueberry vanilla syrup, creme de cassis, coconut milk, rooibos tea


  • fleurs du mal 2.5oz / 13 bourbon, mezcal, st. germain, cynar, dandelion bitters
  • bradbury tea 2oz / 11 rye, peach tea, cinnamon toast syrup, lemon, mint
  • dangeroost 3oz / 14 irish whiskey, apricot brandy, benedictine, st. germain, strawberry, pineapple, honey, lemon
  • bartender's breakfast 2oz / 11 bourbon, averna, vaca mora, cold brew, scotch mist
  • little joe 2oz / 12 rye, calvados, pink port, apple, vanilla, lemon, charred cedar bitters
Spirit, wine and beer menus available in house.
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Spring Dishes

Shareable plates to accompany your drink of choice.
  • DF = Dairy Free
  • GF = Gluten Free
  • V = Vegetarian
  • VN = Vegan
  • oysters on the half shell 3ea (GF, DF) cocktail sauce, lemon, tabasco
  • shishito peppers (VN) 12 horseradish, soy glaze
  • wedge salad (VN) 11 harred lemon, cucumber
  • tofu steam bun (VN) 5ea / 3 for 13 chilli hoisin, cilantro
  • pork steam bun 5ea / 3 for 13 sriracha mayo, cilantro
  • roasted cauliflower (VN) 15 mushroom gravy
  • bbq ribs (DF) 15 pistachio, dukkah
  • asparagus risotto (V, GF) 15 dill, parmesan
  • 'ode to fergus' (GF/DF option) 15 roasted bone marrow, sourdough, herb salad (add bourbon luge - 5)
  • venison tartare (DF, GF option) 18 charred pepper, cured yolk
  • creme brulee (VN, GF) 6 coconut, vanilla

(bar snacks menu / mocktails menu available in person)

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